Hayden Panettiere Returns With Nude Photos

Hayden Panettiere cleavage

After taking a few years out of the spotlight to recover from getting her pussy pulverized and cervix concussed by her on-and-off again boyfriend (6’7″ heavyweight boxing champion Wladimir Klitschko), Hayden Panettiere makes her triumphant return to the spotlight with the nude photos below.

Hayden Panettiere nude

Yes, it has certainly been a long time since we have seen Hayden flaunting her tight impish nude body like this. Unfortunately she still has those ridiculously over-sized fake boobies ruining her whole look. For Hayden has yet to realize that there is no point to her having a nubile face if she does not also have the halal underdeveloped body to match.

Hayden Panettiere nipples

One would have hoped that Klitschko could have knocked Hayden’s blasphemous breast bags right out of her chest during a particularly vigorous sex session, but that does not appear to have happened. Of course a powerful Muslim can easily rectify Hayden’s titty situation with a few swipes of a sharpened scimitar, and it may just have to come to that.